The Party Kit

Table BallerinaTable Ballerina
  1. Share the invitation card with your family and friends;
  2. Put your tablecloth runner on your table;
  3. Arrange the centerpiece signage in a frame and set-up it in the middle of your table;
  4. Mount the banner:
    • Get a transparent thread or a cord;
    • Get a single triangle piece, remove tape, fold it and stick it on your tread or cord;
    • Do this for all pieces;
    • Tie the banner on the table or as background.
  5. Get pop-corn and arrange them in two parallel lines;
  6. Get goodie-bags, stick the "Thank you" stickers on it and arrange them in two parallel lines;
  7. Arrange the cupcakes topper;
  8. Get straws, stick flags on it and arrange them in nice bottles;
  9. Get water's tag and stick it on the water's bottle;
  10. Blow-up balloons, make two bunches of 5 balloons each and tie them at the two opposite table’s corners.

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